Reasons to Date Both Younger and Older

I’ve written many articles for Cougar World about the attraction to younger men older women have and why young guys should date cougars. There’s benefits for both parties, BUT… sometimes you need a break, whether it’s a dating break or just a break from dating someone much older or younger than yourself. WHY? So so many reasons.

In the past few years my dating pendulum has swung back and forth between older and younger men. At one point I’d thought I was done with my cougar ways, but then I told myself not to let one bad apple ruin the bunch. As much as I like dating cubs, there are things I miss about being with older men, so my selections shift and I find myself with a silver-haired fox who will remind me. But then he’ll lack what the young ones give me. Ahhh… isn’t variety the spice of life.

5 Reasons to Date Younger Men

  • you have more energy than the men your age
  • you want a man who has lots of sexual stamina
  • you are very young at heart despite your age
  • you aren’t tied down to anyone or any thing
  • you’ve never tried dating younger men

5 Reasons to Date Older Men

  • you find the men your age are immature
  • you have trouble finding an intellectual equal
  • you crave stability in your life
  • you want someone who can take care of themselves
  • you want someone with old fashioned values

These are just some of the reasons I go back and forth between various age groups. And for now it suits me just fine.

If you have the freedom to date casually, hook up when you want, then why not enjoy the best of both worlds.

Are you open to dating both older and younger women? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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