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How to Be in a No-Strings-Attached Relationship with a Cougar

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Many older women, who love dating younger men, aren’t looking for anything serious in the relationship. Many just want sex without a string attached. This cougar cub connection is very popular and satisfying to both parties. But if you do want a low-key arrangement with one woman, you will have to keep her attention because there are many other men in the dating jungle looking for the same thing.

How to Be in a No-Strings Relationship with a Cougar

1. Have your own life. She doesn’t want a younger man who is trying to enmesh himself into her life, which may be busy with children, a career, and other responsibilities. She’ll also be turned on by your interests and activities.

2. Be available. If it’s just sex she’s after (and of course, sex is better with cougars!), you’ll want to make yourself available as much as you can. Responding to her booty call texts is always a good idea, even if it is a school night!

3. Be willing in the bedroom. For the sexually adventurous cougar, a partner who is willing to experiment is a must. A younger man can always make up for inexperience with an eager-to-please demeanor.

4. Be honest. Older women don’t take bullshit, and are not afraid of the truth. If you met someone your own age and want to break things off with your older lady, just say so. If you’re falling in love with your cougar, just say so… you never know, she may be too.

5. Respect. Respect. Respect. If you treat a cougar as just a sex object, you’ll be kicked to the curb before you can get your clothes back on. All women, especially older women want and deserve respect. Chivalry is not dead.

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If you can remember these tips, you may just find and keep the perfect cougar!

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