Where to Meet Cougars Offline

Meeting women is always easier said than done, that’s why I’m a firm believer in having at least one membership to an online dating site, but also, to be open to the possibility that you can meet anyone anywhere. I recently met a much younger man on my way home, when I stopped into a bar to use the washroom. He asked if I wanted to be his partner for a game of pool… and that was it. We’ve spent the last two weeks in my bedroom!

Here are places where you could meet older women… when you’re not hooking up with cougars online.

The park. A lot women like to go to the park alone to read or just relax. If you own a dog, even better as it’s always easy to start a conversation with a fellow pet owner. If you don’t, why not take your friend’s dog for a walk. This is something I always think about doing.

Art Show/Book Launch. These are also events where you will find women flying solo. And if you are an art or book lover, you’ll easily be able make conversation and know that you already have something in common.

Bar/Club. These places go without saying, and for good reason. Many hookups begin at the club or in a bar. Whether you like dancing or playing pool, there is usually ample opportunity to meet and flirt with women. Some cities even have bars that are known as “cougar clubs” if you really want to meet a lot of older women.

Gym. Cougars who love younger men usually are into fitness because they know how important it is to look and feel confident. And if you’ve never joined a gym, I highly recommend it as a way to boost your dating confidence. As well, most gyms have drop-in sports that are perfect for meeting new women on an ongoing basis.

Speed Dating. Not for the faint of heart, these nights are often hosted at bars and guarantee that you meet at least ten women. If you’re someone who has good instincts and an outgoing personality, you will likely find this fun.

Where can you recommend meeting older women?

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