Cougar Pick Up Tips and Pick Up Lines

Looking for cougar pick up tips?

As much as I extol the virtues of cougar dating sites as the finest place to meet cougars, I still enjoy the element of surprise one feels with impromptu hookups from a night out.

I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert on pick up etiquette for successful cougar hookups. So next time you have to opportunity with a cougar, follow these tips and pick up line ideas.

How to Pick Up a Cougar

What to consider when you’re heading out to pick up a cougar.

Where to Pick Up Older Women

Where you choose to pick up a cougar depends on your taste in women.

If you like the more glammed-out cougars, you’ll want to hit a nightclub where there’s music and dancing. The bonus of these kinds of places is that there are more women (often in packs) without guy friends around, and you have the dance floor as an extra place to chat and get physical.

A bar or tavern is where you’re going to find a more laid-back kind of cougar, maybe chilling with friends, or if you’re lucky, sitting by her lonesome on a bar stool. It will be harder to approach a woman in a place full of tables and booths though.

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Preparing to Pick Up Cougars

Obviously, you want to look good, not formal, but also not like you just crawled out of bed or spent the last twelve hours on the Xbox. Shower, groom, and do whatever else you do that makes you feel confident.

Make sure your place is female-friendly just in case you do find a hottie to take home.

Going out to pick up women alone is too horndog, so bring along a buddy, but only one.

You should have enough money to pay your way, buy a lady a few drinks, and pay for cab fare. Sorry, cubs, but chivalry is not dead!

When to Pick Up Older Women

You’ll want to prowl for cougars at night, knowing there’s a segue possibility from the bar to your place, maybe hers. Friday and Saturday nights are best because most women are off the next day and feel they can really let loose.

Go early enough that you can find a comfy spot for scoping out the cougars, but late enough that you’ll blend in when you arrive.

The Right Frame of Mind

You have to be in a great mood before you go out because confidence is super sexy and can attract women with little effort. This may mean having a drink (only one) before you head out or maybe a trip to the gym (my fave) to pump you up.

Whatever helps you feel good about yourself. You have to go in thinking, “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

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You Found Her, Now What?

Once you’ve spotted the cougar you desire, take a little time to assess the situation. Of course, she can’t be on a date with another guy, but don’t be discouraged if she’s with friends (of both sexes).

In a club, get close enough to talk and flirt on the dance floor or try sending a drink with a message. At a small bar, you can also send a drink or join her at the bar if she goes up to order for her friends.

picking up a cougar woman

Starting the Conversation

Once you’ve got her attention, whether by finding a moment alone with her or by sending her a drink, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

If you let your anxiety show, it’s going to make her a little uncomfortable. A cougar likes a take-charge guy, so you have that automatically going for you by approaching and talking to her.

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Ditch the predictable small talk in favor of interesting dialogue. Try a witty observation about the bar or music, or a subtle complement (women love compliments).

You can try telling her that you had noticed her, and your buddy pushed you to make a move even though it’s not the kind of thing you usually do. Get creative.

Best Pick Up Lines for Cougars

Pick up lines are risky if you’re trying them on mature women. Do you think they haven’t heard them all?

Regardless, you’ve got to break the ice somehow. Check out these cougar pick up lines and approaches that are worth a try!

1. Ask Her Opinion

After you say hello, ask her thoughts on what you’re wearing. For example: “Hey I gotta ask. I really like this new outfit, but I need a little feedback. You’re a fashionable woman, what’s your take? “

This shows her you value her opinion and that you think she has a good sense of style. A mature woman will appreciate your open attitude and have no problem telling you what she thinks.

2. Tell Her She is Unique and Special

Older women often feel marginalized and invisible in society. But they crave and deserve the same attention a younger woman receives.

I suggest you study your subject and find something unique to her such as a particular mannerism that you think is cute and let her know. For example: “Wow, your dress brings out the color of your eyes” or “your dimples show when you smile. It’s cute.”

There’s a fine line here though, fellas. Your approach has to be casual. Don’t oversell your compliment or it will come across as disingenuous.

3. Make Her Laugh

Aside from wanting a confident mature no-bullshit guy, older women really adore a good sense of humor.

Making a woman laugh is the quickest way to break down barriers and come off as funny, not creepy. Just be sure it isn’t cheesy, corny, lame, or offensive.

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What cougar pick up lines work for you, guys? 

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