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Pick Up Lines to Use on Mature Women

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The pick up line is either maligned or revered, depending on what side you’re on. You could be masterfully silver tongued or chronically say the wrong thing. Pick up lines are risky if you’re trying them on mature women, fellas. You think they haven’t heard them all? You best be careful now, ya hear? Check out these lines and approaches that are worth a try!

1. Ask Her Opinion
After you say hello, ask her thoughts on what you’re wearing. For example: “Hey I gotta ask. I really like this new outfit, but I need a little feedback. You’re a fashionable woman, what’s your take?  This shows her you value her opinion and that you think she has a good sense of style. A mature woman will appreciate your open attitude and have no problem telling you what she thinks.

2. Tell Her She is Unique and Special
Older women often feel marginalized and invisible in society. They crave and deserve the same attention a younger woman receives. I suggest you study your subject and find something unique to her such as a particular mannerism that you think is cute and let her know. For example: “Wow, your dress brings out the colour of your eyes” or “your dimples show when you smile. It’s cute.” There’s a fine line here though, fellas. Your approach has to be casual. Don’t oversell your compliment or it will come across as disingenuous.

3. Make Her Laugh
Aside from wanting a confident mature no bullshit guy, older women really adore a good sense of humor. Making a woman laugh is the quickest way to break down barriers and come off as funny, not creepy. Just be sure it isn’t cheesy, corny, lame, or offensive.

There are plenty of examples of pick up lines. Do your research and use good judgement.

What pick up lines work for you, guys? 

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