Cougar Mom Dating Tips

If you’re into cougars, you’re going to find more moms in the dating pool. So let’s prepare for successful cougar mom dating.

Most younger men are not looking for long-term relationships with a cougar mom, so her kids are not necessarily going to affect your game, but they are going to be first priority to her.

Whether it’s a one-night stand, short-term dating, or a serious relationship you’re after, here are some tips to help when looking for and meeting cougar moms.

Still haven’t met your cougar date?

Tips for Casual Cougar Mom Dating

1. Is She Single or Married?

If your cougar mom is married, you may just be her hot young stud on the side. If so, you’ll have to be very discreet in how you interact and set up casual encounters.

I’m not a fan of the cheating game, with the risks involved, especially when there are so many single mums out there looking for younger men.

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2. Consider the Age of Her Children

With cougars, her kids may be all grown up (close to your age!) If you’re only into short-term dating, this is ideal because you probably won’t have to meet the kids.

Teenagers aren’t the easiest to get along with especially if mom is sleeping with some dude, so avoid her place to avoid an altercation.

If she has young children, you may not see her as often, and be aware that some cougars are looking for a daddy for their wee ones.

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3. Always Be Honest with Cougar Moms

A woman with kids has a busy life and isn’t interested in bullshit. You can count on her to tell you exactly what her situation is, what she wants, and what she doesn’t.

If it’s too much, and you don’t think you can handle it, move on.

If she’s seeking commitment and you just want to get laid, don’t string her along. Not to worry, guys, there are plenty of older women looking for a hookup and nothing more.

Tips for Serious Cougar Mom Dating

1. Romance Your Cougar

Moms lead busy lives that don’t have a lot of time for romantic adventure.

When you find a cougar mom you like ask her out on a date. You may have to be a little more creative when planning around the kids, but you can do it.

Remind her she’s a hot sexy woman as well as a great mom and deserves the attention you give her.

2. Be Prepared to Talk Reality

A cougar mom is going to want to talk about her situation and the possibilities of your relationship early on. She’s not going to want to introduce her kids to a guy that isn’t sure what he wants or is only into sleeping with her.

The best you can do is be honest about your feelings.

3. Take Your Time with a Cougar Mom

I recommend following a cougar mom’s lead when it comes to meeting her children. Only when you think that the relationship is serious and has real potential should you meet a woman’s children.

Kids get attached quickly (and you will too), so be sure before you take the chance of breaking little hearts.

4. Be Yourself

When you do meet a cougar’s kids, just be yourself. Kids know when someone’s trying too hard, and if they’re older they will definitely try to ruin things if you make a bad impression.

If they see how happy you make their mom, then you’re halfway there.

Be patient, these kids have already been through at least one failed parental relationship.

5. Understand the Situation

A cougar mom’s priority is her children. If you always have to be first, then this situation is probably not for you.

It takes a very mature younger man to be in a serious relationship with a single mom. You’ll have to be flexible. Those special plans you made may be canceled at a moment’s notice when a child is sick.

Respect her responsibilities and show understanding.

6. Get Involved

When the cougar cub relationship is moving along well, and you’ve met her children, make plans that involve the kids.

Get to know them as individuals, what they enjoy, and how you can incorporate their interests into outings with mom. If you’re still connected to your inner child, all the better for building a positive relationship with her children.

Whether you want a casual or serious relationship with a cougar mom, there are many considerations.

Be open-minded, understanding of her situation, and honest with your intentions and feelings. Relationships have a way of working out if they’re meant to.

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Have you had experience with a cougar mom? Was it positive?

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