Should You Date a Married MILF?

Are you thinking of dating a married MILF? Or maybe it’s too late and you’re already in love..

I’ve long advocated the joys of hooking up with a MILF. When it comes to sex, it’s always a rush to be on the receiving end of all that bottled-up, ready-to-be-unleashed frustration that comes from her having to be so responsible and motherly all the time. With a bit of luck, I can land myself the job of being her go-to.

But if the MILF is married, it’s a bit of a game changer.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Married MILF

First you have to reconcile your conscience: are you cool with having an affair with a married woman?

Let’s say the answer is yes. What you’re now dealing with is a MILF who has an entire family to “escape” from. Her frustration is more heightened, and with the added risk of getting caught, you can bet your arse her libido is gonna be on a hair-trigger.

All very hot, and dirty, too.

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Herein lies the problem with dating married MILFs: what she’s dishing out is so fucking mind-blowing you’ll soon find it hard to have to wait for the next round.

Scheduling is complicated, to say the least. So it keeps getting put off, and all the while the secret missives are stuffed to overflowing with such a filthy to-do-next-time-we-get-together list that you can no longer concentrate on anyone but your cougar MILF.

When you finally manage to hook up for another quickie, it’s even better than before. She keeps begging you to do things to her that she’d never imagined begging for, and you’re happy to oblige.

In the ten minutes of post-coital cuddle-time (that’s all she can afford, after all), you both imagine a world when you can live like this every day of the week. Or you might even discuss such silly things as “if only we had met a little sooner in life”, etc.

And that’s the biggest fantasy of all: hope—hope that it will continue as is.

But it never will. By the time you’ve completely fallen head-over-heels for a married MILF with whom all synchronicity seems unmatched by others in the past, she’s gone. Back to her family.

Your affair has helped her (if not bitter-sweetly) coast through a much-needed time-out. She’ll never forget you; she’ll always keep you tucked safely away in her heart forever.

What you’re left with is longing, and heartache.

Do yourself a favor: unless you’re ox-tough, stay away from the married MILFs.

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