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Cougar Dating Throughout History

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The idea of an older woman who enjoys spending time with a guy who makes her feel like she did when she was in her 20’s or even 30’s is not new. There are stories of mature ladies seducing and dating much younger men all the way back to the bible. “This just goes to show that cougars and MILFs have been around, and attractive, since the dawn of time,” exclaimed John, a very popular cub on “When I read about Catherine the Great online, I was so intrigued and spent hours researching the woman I consider to be the first true cougar.”

Potiphar’s Wife is perhaps the first cougar that we know about. Potiphar was a biblical figure who bought Joseph as a slave. His wife, who is unnamed in the bible but is sometimes referred to as Zuleika in medieval texts, seduced Joseph, who was probably just over 18 years of age at the time. The much older woman’s advances were rejected by the pious slave, and so she accused him of a crime, and sent him to prison.

Catherine the Great was the Empress of Russia for over 30 years in the 1700s. She started her cougar/cub history with a man who was just 5 years younger, Grigory Orlov who then staged a coup to assassinate her husband, Czar Peter III. Once Catherine took the throne, she then found lover Gregory Potemkin who was 10 years her junior. As she got older, the men she dated stayed the same age! Once she was over Gregory, she chose Dmitriev-Mamonov who was 29 years younger. They were together for over 3 years. Finally, in her senior years she dated someone who was 40 years her junior, Prince Platon Zubov. Cougar, indeed.

Elizabeth I was the Queen of England at the end of the Renaissance from 1558 to 1603. She is well known for her unique style of high, elaborate collars and decorated frocks. Some refer to her as the “virgin queen” because she never married, a fact that made many think she never had sex. However, even a queen has needs in the bedroom! There was speculation that she never took a husband officially so that she would not have to lose her throne to a man. Her last courtship, with Francois, the Duke of Anjou, ended in 1581, when the queen was 48, and Francois was just 26!

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