Cougar Dating Profile Do’s and Don’ts

Are you a cub looking to meet local cougars? Get ready to write a cougar dating profile that attracts all the right women.

There’s no shortage of dating and social network sites out there where men can meet mature women, but how do you go about creating a dating profile that will draw the interest of the kind of cougar you’re looking for?

While there are no hard and fast rules that will ensure success, dating sites have conducted opinion polls among their mature female members to get a sense of what works – and what doesn’t – within a man’s cougar dating profile.

If you still haven’t joined a cougar dating site yet, or you just want to look through cougar profiles at this point, read:

How to Create a Cougar Dating Profile That Gets Results

When a cougar woman is browsing hundreds of profiles on a dating site, it will take something special to have her stop and click on your profile. Use these tips to attract a beautiful older woman.

Let’s look at the following areas:

Your Cougar Dating Username

While this first cougar profile tip might seem obvious, make sure that you take the time to choose a stand-out name.

Most people don’t like to use their real names and that is understandable. Perhaps use a nickname or something that uses descriptors such as TallRomantic. Avoid cheesy or generic names such as HotStud or BSW77.

The wrong name can be just enough to have a woman skip over your profile, even if you’re a great catch. Think fun and flirty without being cheesy.

Cougar Dating Profile Photos

Profile photos are crucial for cubs seeking a hot cougar. Your profile pic is what catches an older woman’s eye first and will hopefully lead her to your well-written profile.

Don’t just post any photo of yourself, post a good one. If you aren’t sure whether or not a picture of you is flattering, get the opinion of a female friend, or if you have one to ask, a female relative. They will give it to you straight, especially if she knows you are trying to meet someone.

Most cougar dating sites allow you to choose several profile pics, but you will use one of these as your main picture that shows up first. This should be your best picture that looks the most like you. It should be a close-up, facing head-on.

I also recommend that you smile… a smile goes a long way. If you’re taking the shot yourself, crop out your extended arm and phone, so that the only thing to focus on is your face. Select a variety of photos she will see if she clicks on that first great one.

Write a Cougar Profile That Invites Questions

Once a cougar clicks on your awesome profile pic, you need to have a well-written profile description to back it up.

Your cougar dating profile should include your unique and attractive qualities. You don’t need to reveal everything about yourself in your cougar dating profile, but you do want to pique her interest.

If it looks like you wrote it as an afterthought, she will notice. Complete every section with details that describe who you really are. Also, avoid writing a book… long profiles often give the impression of narcissism or someone who likes to talk more about themselves than the woman they are with.

Instead, fill your cougar profile out fully, and touch on interesting things about yourself that would invite further exploration through conversation.

For example, a younger man who is into self-improvement is hot! Your profile could mention some goals that may include eating better, learning to cook, getting active, or taking a night class to learn a new skill. You’ll not only impress a cougar with your go-getter attitude, but you’ll also have a new passion to talk about when you meet.

Keep Your Cougar Dating Profile Honest

Whether you’re looking for casual sex with a cougar, a long-term relationship, or something in between, be clear about what you want in your dating profile.

Don’t assume that every mature woman is looking for a soul mate. Believe me, there are plenty of older women who only want a cougar one-night stand. Other women just want a cub to play with occasionally, with absolutely no strings attached. Being honest about what you want is the best way to get it.

Even if you’re just looking for a quick cougar hookup and you don’t expect to have a second date, there’s still no point in misrepresenting yourself in your cougar dating profile.

Remember, a mature woman is an experienced woman, and if you present yourself as something you’re not, she’s going to see right through your charade. At that point, you can forget about sex with that cougar.

Be honest, and you’ll get the respect you want and maybe a cougar along with it!

Follow these profile tips and you’ll have a solid foundation when attracting a woman to your cougar dating profile.

What attracts you to a cougar profile?

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