One Night Stand Only: Avoiding Cougar Claws

Younger men are often interested in older women for one thing – SEX. And that’s fine by most cougars. It’s a mutually beneficial affair. But . . . there are a few of us who do want more, and do have problems detaching after an amazing night of passion. Women have more trouble separating feelings from sex. If a hookup is all you’re after, then let me share a few tricks that will help you avoid those cougar claws from sinking in.

Go Back to her Place

This isn’t always an option – she may have kids or a husband,  but if you do a have a choice, take this route. Here’s why:

Women are more at ease in their own surroundings. An older woman feels in charge in her own environment, and what young man doesn’t like a woman who takes the reins.

You don’t have to clean your place, worry about roommates, or hide your porn collection. Cougars understand that many younger men haven’t established themselves and – yikes! – might still live with their parents.

You can leave at anytime. If things go south before sex then you can make a clean getaway. Or you can quietly slip out while she’s sleeping if you’ve gotten everything you’re after.

Morning After Rules

Don’t stay for breakfast. Sometimes older women like to mother but more conversation and eye contact will only draw her further in.

Derail  suggestions of meeting up later to avoid entanglement.

Do not engage in morning routines at her place such as showering, having coffee, or reading the paper. Playing house isn’t a good idea.

If she has pets (even if you love animals) don’t get too cozy with them. Women will read it: he likes my cat/dog so he must like me – in that way.

Don’t give away too much information about yourself – where you work, hang out, or especially your phone number. The more she knows the easier it will be for her to find you if she’s keen.

You don’t have to leave in the middle of the night, but don’t lie in bed with her half the day, even if you are tired. This always says to a woman: I want more than sex.

Be excuse ready. Have a list of reasons you can rattle off is she wants you to stay or see you again. This may sound harsh, but being prepared will make your answers much more believable and you won’t seem like a total jerk.

Guys: Any other suggestions you can share?

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