Cougar Movies: Through the Decades

Cougar movies rock! A lot of my favorite movies in the 80s just happen to center around older woman – younger man relationships. Looking back, there may have been some subconscious training going on. Now that decade is making a resurgence everywhere you look—fashion, music, design. Let’s hope this revival brings more great cougar movies.

A sampling of movies I recommend:

Sunset Blvd (old time glamour at its best) A former Hollywood film star hopes to revive her career with the help of a younger hack screenwriter.

The Graduate (a must-see for all cougars and cubs) Benjamin Braddock is seduced by Mrs. Robinson, his father’s business partner, but then falls in love with her daughter.
More: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Harold and Maude (you’re never too old to be a cougar) Harold, a very young, rich, death-obsessed boy finds a new kind of love and life with Maude, an eccentric septuagenarian. Soundtrack by Cat Stevens.
More: 40 Carats, Summer of 42, In Praise of Older Women, Tim

Class (hot and steamy meets awkward) Rich city boy pushes his naive country boy friend into losing his virginity, only to find out his mother is in on the action.
More: A Tiger’s Tale, Bull Durham, Class, Losin’ It, A Night in Heaven, My Tutor, Risky Business, Moonstruck, Diva, Meeting Venus, Private Lessons, Chances Are

How Stella Got Her Groove Back (cougar on vacation) Successful stockbroker Stella finds a young islander, Winston Shakespeare, to take her mind off her busy life back in New York.
More: White Palace, Afterglow, Impromtu, The Love Letter, All Things Fair, Alice and Martin, The Pallbearer

The Good Girl (Catcher in the Rye Redux) Small town clerk, played by Jennifer Aniston, sparks an affair with a stock boy who imagines himself an incarnation of Holden Caulfield.
More: Being Julia, The Rebound, Notes on a Scandal, Unfaithful, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Prime, Sex and t City, The Rebound, The Mother, Life as a House, Far From Heaven, Cougar Club, Chéri, Lovely and Amazing

As you can see more and more younger men-older women films have been made over the years. I love going to matinees alone. You’d be surprised how many singles go to the movies. On one of my outings, I met a nerdy cub after The Life Aquatic. We talked about our love for Bill Murray in a nearby park and then shared a kiss. Are theatre hookups possible?

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