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Dating Single Mothers – The 3 Things You Need To Know Most

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One of the advantages of dating cougars is that you aren’t the end-all-be-all of their world. Some of the most amazing single ladies you will find on sites like will be mothers. When dating this special breed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get your relationship going on the right foot.

Her family will come first
While some women always seem to want your attention, dating a single mother has the advantage of space between her needs and you. Many men appreciate the fact that with single mothers, there are other parts of her world that keep her attention in addition to their boyfriend. You are a potential plaything that will add to her world. These aren’t the desperate attention seeking co-eds. These are women who have their priorities straight!

Communicate on her terms
Sorry fellas – if you’re looking for a twenty-something college sophomore that texts you every five minutes and fills up your inbox with emails all day long, dating a single mother will be somewhat different. Communication with single moms is always on her terms. There will be times where you will go hours without a message while she tends to her son’s or daughter’s needs. Yes – someone who is not going to fill your phone with meaningless texts! When you do get that message from your potential cougar mother, it’ll be worth it.

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She’ll be eager to get laid
Some of the filthiest, open minded and sexually advanced ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating were single mothers. When their days are filled with taking care of their family, their nights are spent taking care of themselves – and that includes their sexual desires. All that pent up sexual energy needs to be released somewhere!

You’ll be missing out if you decide to pass up dating single mothers because they are some of the most mature, level-headed and sexually adventurous cougars you will ever meet!

What’s your experience with dating single mothers?

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