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Attracting Cougars And Becoming Their Prey

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While the term cougar carries with it a certain stigma – of a predatory carnivore on the prowl – in our not so humble opinion that’s a perfectly complimentary and empowering mental image, even in those cases where it doesn’t perfectly describe the dynamic in play. If you’re looking to be a prey item for cougars, just like in the wild, you can send signals that will attract their attention as surely as a deer with a limp attracts the attention of their namesake.

For the man looking to attract a cougar, it is fortunate that we live in such an ageist society. For many men, women over the age of say, thirty-five might as well not exist. This is particularly obvious when cruising for cougars at nightclubs and bars, where most men will completely ignore the older women in favor of the newer models. Their loss is of course your gain. All woman appreciate a confident man, not to the point of being a braggart or a douche, though. Sometimes it is as easy as making meaningful eye contact from across a crowded room or sending her a drink. Paying attention to a woman, paying her compliments and making her feel special will go a long way towards moving her to your bed – doubly so with a cougar.

Generally speaking, you should leave cougar references and age references unsaid. Don’t ask her how old she is. If she asks your age, tell her, don’t ask hers. Many women who are out on the prowl for more youthful men are looking for affirmation of their attractiveness, a smart man will know to provide it. Compliment her on her beauty, her outfit, her sense of humor, her taste in men (wink wink), if she tells you her age, brush it off as a “meaningless number.” It isn’t a meaningless number to her, but your disregard for it will go a long way towards providing the positive affirmation that she craves and will advance your goal of closing the deal. Observations like “You’re old enough to be me mom,” are of course, right out. You both know the score, it’s not helpful to call attention to it.

Making lots of eye contact and being fully engaged in what a woman is saying works with all women; but in the case of a MILF or a Cougar the effect is heightened, as your relative age discrepancy makes you a trophy she would like to bag. When you are sitting (or standing) across from her, concentrate on her like there is nothing else in the world, and you’ll soon find yourself landing this prized and experienced trophy yourself, truly a win-win situation.

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