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How To Have a Conversation with an Older Woman

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Meeting older women to hookup with or date has never been easier, now that niche cougar dating sites exist. And for shy younger men, it’s a great place to practice conversational skills before actually meeting in person. Once you find a woman’s profile that grabs your attention, you’ll want to get the ball rolling by sending a first message that gets a response. Although many cougars are confident enough to be the first to contact a man, they will also appreciate you taking the lead – brownie points before you even meet!

As you begin your quest to meet and date or have sex with a cougar, remember that the reason she is a cougar is because she is older than you. She may have children your age, so the last thing she wants is someone to take care of. This is why the language you choose is important. It’s not necessary that you have a Phd vocabulary, but you also don’t want to throw out “OMG” and “LOL” every other sentence… save the text-talk for texting with your buddies.

Chivalry never goes out of style. Older women appreciate politeness, manners, and compliments. There are many ways to charm a cougar, and telling her how fabulous she looks when you first lay eyes on her is a great opener. And don’t be afraid to work compliments throughout a conversation – women won’t mind the interruption! One mistake I find younger men often make is telling an older woman how great she looks for her age. This only reminds her that she is older and can make even the most confident of cougars insecure. Never add “for your age.”

You can be a great conversationalist without uttering a single word. Perhaps something we all forget is that listening is half of the connection. You may not be the most eloquent of speakers, but if you’re a great listener, you will go far with any woman – of any age!

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