Cell Phone Etiquette on Dates

There’s nothing worse than a date who pays more attention to their cell phone than you. Sure, most of us will admit we spend way too much time on our phones, but that should be something you indulge in when you are alone, not on a date when your aim should be to impress a woman. Older women like myself remember what it was like before cell phones. Land lines anyone?!? In many ways it actually made life simpler, but if you’re a young cub who doesn’t remember, you still need to practice common courtesy when it comes to cell use on a date. Here are a few friendly reminders…

1. Keep your phone out of sight. A phone sitting on the table is okay, but it’s much better if it’s not in view. Even when it’s not in use, it can be a distraction. This small gesture shows her that she is your only focus.

2. Turn your phone to vibrate. Rings and blips and bleeps that signal incoming messages, tweets, and other notifications are annoying when you’re trying to make a connection. Turn the phone off, or at the very least to vibrate.

3. Check for calls when your date is in the washroom. If you can’t help wondering what’s going on in your virtual world, or you are expecting an important call, wait until you or your date excuses themselves. It’s the perfect time to check on things without being rude.

4. Only use for emergencies. You should only be making or taking calls if it’s absolutely necessary. Remember, she should feel like the only one.

5. Don’t use camera or social media. Taking selfies, tweeting a picture of you dinner, or Facebooking your location isn’t cool… at least not to older women. It comes across as juvenile. Live in the moment… with her, not the rest of the world.

We all have to be mindful, so don’t be afraid to call your date out because it’s something most of us can work on.

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