How to Behave on a First Date with a Cougar

If you are a younger man who wants to meet and hook up with older women, it’s important to feel and act relaxed when around them. You may not be as confident as the cougars you lust after, but all women want a man who is comfortable in his own skin. So let’s run down just a few tips to help you become more at ease when engaging with a mature woman.

1. Be Positive and Approachable

This might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. When you haven’t had the best of days, there is a tendency to be negative. This doesn’t mean that you say thoughtless or mean-spirited comments, but rather your tone may be less than upbeat. Try not to complain about anything because your first impression may also be your last. Wait for her to ask you how things are going, and then let her know you are facing challenges. Older women love to problem solve and will likely offer advice and condolences.

2. Treat Her as an Equal

Never let a cougar feel like she is the older woman. If she likes to feel that you are a conquest, accept and enjoy. That is very different from someone else pointing out the age difference or commenting on it. Avoiding the topic of age altogether is your best bet. A cougar doesn’t need to be told she looks “good for her age” because she already knows! If age must be mentioned for whatever reason, then do it in a roundabout way that softens any potential insecurities your date may have.

3. Compliment and Charm Her

Nothing makes a cougar feel more attractive than a sincere compliment that is specific to her. And you don’t only have to charm her when the two of you are alone. Being a gentleman when you are out or amongst friends will make her feel even more desired. Women love when a man focuses on her in public, even with many other distractions around.

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