5 Things NOT to Say to an Older Woman

If you love dating older women, you’ll want to avoid certain questions or comments when you’re on a first date, or just getting to know her. It’s not guaranteed that all women will take offense or be annoyed at these, but most will.

Questions and Comments to Avoid

1. How old are you? You may already know if you’ve met on a dating site, but if you don’t, it’s best to let her reveal this information when she feels so inclined. Many women like to keep their age private, and this should be respected no matter how curious you are.

2. You look so good for (her age)! I find this to be particularly annoying, as it implies that women of a certain age are expected to look bad. We know you think you’re giving us a compliment, but no… keep this thought to yourself.

3. Have you had any work done? Eeeek! Never utter these words to any woman. It’s just plain rude and none of anyone’s business. A woman who tweaks her appearance is doing it for herself and sees it as a private matter.

4. Why don’t you have kids? Again, none of anyone’s business. This decision that more and more women are making is often scrutinized and it drives me crazy. Until they make a big deal about a man’s decision to be fatherless, it’s off the table.

5. How many partners have you had? She’s older, so yes it’s likely she’s have more lovers, more sex. But it’s never okay to ask someone this. If she wants to divulge this information she will, but don’t put her on the spot.

These are good guidelines to follow with cougars, and younger women as well. It really just follows the courteous gentlemanly code that women appreciate. There are plenty of other things to talk about with an older woman, other than her looks and sex life.

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