Better Sex with Older Women

I officially label myself A Student of Great Sex. I’m still way too young, and not arrogant enough to think I know it all. Perhaps I would be—if only I didn’t keep meeting women who know more tricks than a Vegas card shark.

Again, older women have taught me what I know. And I don’t mean to suggest this happens in any sort of condescending teacher-pupil kind of way. A more apt comparison would be spending time in a kitchen with a seasoned chef who might stop me before I add more salt by saying, “Not so fast. It’ll get saltier once we add the pork hocs.” Who knew!

As a young pup, I couldn’t be expected to understand that foreplay was much more than just a bit of biological switch-flicking. It was only my experience with older women that opened my world to foreplay that could last an hour, which can lead to edging that lasts even longer, which can lead to so many orgasms that last FOREVER. You’ll be hard-pressed, in my opinion, to find a 20-year-old who can pull that off.

Better sex also tends to happen with a woman who knows her own engine—and isn’t afraid to drive it. If she has the advantage of age, then she has the advantage of practice. The G-spot is a perfect example. Despite knowing what it was, I’d never really focused on it—I thought it was nothing more than icing-on-the-cake, with the clit being the go-to spot for all her pleasure needs. It didn’t help that the young women I was having sex with never insisted on/encouraged my full attention to that oh-so-critical of erogenous play-pens. Who’d’a thunk the G-spot would be where-it’s-all-at, a first-class ticket to making a woman want to have sex until time runs out, until no choice is left but to stop and gulp down some food and drink?

An older woman, that’s who.

The Big Picture lesson I’ve taken away is this: an experienced older woman might be able to teach you a few tricks about your own body and what might make it feel good, but, more importantly, she teaches that you must be tapped into your own body, and go after what makes it feel good, with confidence. There’s no point waiting around hoping for your partner to do what you wish they’d do.

And believe me, when there’s something a woman really wants, and really wants you to do, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by wanting to do it. That is sexy.


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