Tone Your Body to Tease And Please Younger Men

Cougars, let’s admit it. It’s harder to stay in shape than it used to be. Sure you still look great, but you want to really impress those hot cubs. Here are some exercises perfect for toning your ass and making your chest pert and perky!

Doing walking lunges up and down a straight section at the gym can do wonders for your glutes. To really feel the burn try carrying 5 or 10 pound weights as you do deep steps. Try to lunge until you really feel you can’t anymore – the point of muscle failure is when you start to build more muscle and that means a hot ass!

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Don’t be afraid to go where the boys play in the gym. You can do squats with a barbell, using the squat rack, or with dumbbells, by holding them at your side while you squat down. Squats are well known as the fastest way for a cougar to grow a nice juicy ass.

Push-ups are a great addition to any workout for people of all ages, but especially for cougars who are interested in toning their breasts. The best part about a push-up is that you can do it anywhere – at home, at the gym, or even in a quiet spot at the office on a lunch break.

Bench Press/Chest Press
There are a lot of variations of a bench press or chest press. The one you have probably heard of is typically done with a barbell lying down on a bench at the gym, but you can also do it lying on the floor at home with a set of weights. If you don’t have any weights try soup cans as a starter. There’s a reason why it’s called a chest press. It’s because it firms up the chest of any sexy cougar.

“Some women are afraid to get started at the gym but firming up those sexy areas can be done easily at home in about 30 minutes a day,” advises Helen, a fitness fanatic MILF who loves to show off pictures of her hot body on “Once you start exercising and seeing the hot results on your bust and ass, you won’t want to stop. Trust me.”

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