Gym Cougars | Where to Meet Cougars

It goes without saying, most cougars have great bodies. Cougars love to stay in shape. The gym is a great place to prowl for both men and women. If you already work out you know this, but if you haven’t in years it’s time to join. Many gyms offer free trial memberships so you can try out the facilities as well as scout for cougar availability. You will find us cougars on weight machines and cardio equipment, in the pool, on the mats, and in a variety of classes. Yoga, boxfit, pilates, and aquafit (bathing suits!) are cougar favourites. And don’t forget about the juice bar or cafés where you will find us energized and fresh from the showers. When you find a cougar that catches your eye you will need to exercise not only your body but also your patience.

If you see a cougar you are attracted to, walk over and use a machine next to her, or find a place beside her on the stretch mat. Simple conversation works best. Try asking about the use of a machine or which classes she recommends. You might find out her favourites and accidentally bump into her. Watch her body language: Is she turning towards you, is she smiling, is she making sexy poses, waving to you in recognition. It may take a few interactions before she flirts, but when she does you’ll know. Ask if she wants to grab a bite after working out. Exercise whets a cougar’s appetite.

Be aware of the creep factor. Don’t follow her around, don’t grunt and groan, and keep those sweat stains to a minimum. I had a cub chat me up a couple times and then the third time he asked me to wait while he got something from his locker. I was intrigued but when he returned with a stuffed reindeer with a HAPPY NEW YEAR hat—weird and creepy. Save the stuffed animals for girls your own age. And don’t offer advice unless she asks.

One thing’s for sure, you’re going to meet a woman interested in looking good and feeling good. Hot!

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