Auction Dating Sites: Pros & Cons

The Price is Right

I’m worried my friend isn’t thinking straight. She’s decided that, as an older woman, the “regular” dating sites just aren’t doing it for her. “Too many mutts,” apparently. I can see some truth in that: our expectations soar with experience, right?

So now she’s listed herself with two different sites that put women up for bid. That’s right — date auctions.

And she’s making a killing. Already, two separate men have taken her out, each paying 500 bucks. She’s also currently in the running for — are you ready for this? drum roll, please — a $10,000 date. Yes, you counted those zeros correctly.

So, like, am I the only one who finds this a little fishy? Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like some kind of rebranded approach to high-end call girls? My friend defends it like this:

  • It filters out the time-wasters.
  • It raises the bar on the quality of men.
  • If men are willing to pay, then why not?
  • There’s no expectation of sex, despite the money.

Here are my counter arguments:

  1. Do wealthy time-wasters not exist? Are less solvent men not worthy?
  2. How is the quality of men being rated? Money alone? Are we comfortable being so shallow?
  3. I suppose you can just accept money because it’s being dished out (hard to resist), but do you really believe it comes without expectation? Which brings me to…
  4. The highest of the highest-class escorts have the same policy: pay a fortune to have a woman for the night, and it’s completely up to her own discretion whether or not she’ll sleep with you…but she’ll probably sleep with you.

And therein lies the obvious: you can call it tomato sauce all you like — at the end of the day, it’s still just ketchup. The high-class no-obligation-on-their-part escort industry has created the illusion that it’s not prostitution; but that’s nothing more than clever branding. These auction dating sites have adopted the same approach — attach a hefty price tag and all of a sudden it’s showered in credibility.

I’m 100% in support of prostitution, I really am. What does unsettle my stomach is watching women put themselves in a position whereby they could be hurt if they say no.

Because $10,000 buys a lot of expectation.

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