Woman with Freckles

7 Tips for Dating a Shy MILF

Guess what? Not all MILFs are the confidence monsters we imagine them to be. Alright, plenty are; but not in today’s article.

Seductress in Red Lingerie

How to Make a Woman Orgasm: Ask Her!

No Apology Necessary I’ve heard guys describe women’s sexual gears as “complicated”, complaining that there’s no single simple way of making a

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Meeting Older Women Online

“Would You Fuck These Old Ladies?” I see so many online banner ads with photos of older, bare-breasted women, with the caption:

Money and Lingerie

Auction Dating Sites: Pros & Cons

The Price is Right I’m worried my friend isn’t thinking straight. She’s decided that, as an older woman, the “regular” dating sites

Cougar in ecstasy.

Take the Cougar Challenge!

Calling all men in their 20’s! This is a shout-out to anyone who’s serious about sexperimentation. Are you listening? You likely have