Woman with Freckles

7 Tips for Dating a Shy MILF

Guess what? Not all MILFs are the confidence-monsters we imagine them to be. Alright, plenty are; but not in today’s article. This

Seductress in Red Lingerie

How to Make a Woman Orgasm: Ask Her!

No Apology Necessary I’ve heard guys describe women’s sexual gears as “complicated”, complaining that there’s no single simple way of making a

Sexy Woman on Laptop

Meeting Older Women Online

“Would You Fuck These Old Ladies?” I see so many online banner ads with photos of older, bare-breasted women, with the caption:

Money and Lingerie

Auction Dating Sites: Pros & Cons

The Price is Right I’m worried my friend isn’t thinking straight. She’s decided that, as an older woman, the “regular” dating sites