How to Make a Woman Orgasm: Ask Her!

No Apology Necessary

I’ve heard guys describe women’s sexual gears as “complicated”, complaining that there’s no single simple way of making a woman cum. The clit? The g-spot? Both? Where is the g-spot, anyway? What is the g-spot? And what about the nipples — do we have to wind those up, too?!

Man gets frustrated trying, woman gets frustrated trying to keep man from getting frustrated. What an unclimactic debacle — from which some sort of apology spews forth, usually from the woman.

To men: every woman has her own way of getting her orgasm out. Asking what that is and delivering it is much better than fumbling towards dissatisfaction, no?

Here’s more, guys: When you ask, don’t expect a simple response like “clit” or “g-spot” or whatever — instead you’ll be guided through whatever she requires. That’s better, anyway, cuz it’ll make you feel as though your own sexual genius is responsible for her pleasure.

Here’s even more, guys: When you ask, again you probably won’t hear a simple response like “clit” or “g-spot” or whatever — what you’ll hear will be some variation of any/all of what’s possible. There is no one way to make a woman cum.

Nothing complicated about that — if you ask her.

To women: directing traffic…

  1. does not make you selfish.
  2. is often the only way to get the job done.
  3. is very hot for guys to behold, so take advantage of it.
  4. builds self-confidence, which in turn leads to better — and more — orgasms.
  5. removes the pressure and frustration from a guy who’s probably going to fail anyway.

Here’s more, ladies: If he A) is impatient, B) is uncomfortable being led, or C) doesn’t even give a shit about whether or not you cum…

…then get rid of him. Believe it or not (but believe it, believe it!), there are plenty of men who are happy to help.

Here’s even more, ladies: Please stop apologizing for not being able to cum on someone else’s command. Whether you’re guiding him through it or not; whether it takes you five minutes to cum or fifteen; it’s your orgasm, not his.

Cuz the sound of an orgasm should sound nothing like apology: Once the I’m sorrys start to spew, you might as well set your phasers to “Argh, I think I’ll just fake this one.”


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