Take the Cougar Challenge!

Calling all men in their 20’s!

This is a shout-out to anyone who’s serious about sexperimentation. Are you listening?

You likely have a Things-to-Try-Before-You-Die list. Or, heck, even better—we’re just starting a new year, why not make it a Things-to-Try-in-2015? If you’re any sort of sexual force-to-be-reckoned-with, it’ll include stuff like:

  • paying for sex (think about it: how can it possibly be the same as a freebie?)
  • group sex (doesn’t have to be a full-on puppy-pile—anything more than you and your partner will do; a threesome counts as group sex)
  • gay/lesbian sex (which I’d be into, but only if there’s another woman in the room helping me out  —isn’t it enough that I’m adventurous?!)
  • outdoor/public sex (BTW — you don’t really put yourself on display: the thrill comes from not getting caught)

And for all you young punks who still haven’t had sex with a woman over the age of 40… GET THE LEAD OUT! First of all, it’s not like anyone needs a walker before the age of, like, 85. Secondly, as guys (the older they get) have to learn to cope with not being able to party like they used to, women have to cope with becoming more insatiable — the older they get. That magic number usually starts at 30. By 35, I promise you, Sulu: her engine is beginning to hit warp speed.

While you’re sitting on your arse thinking that your cock’s got it made with the 21 year old you found dancing in a cage, a smarter guy is learning the way sex is meant to be had.

I remember when I first fooled around with a woman who I (at the time) thought was an ancient 39 (possibly my first cougar, but my memory’s a little fuzzy on this one. That’s the effect she had on me.) Here’s what changed me forever:

1. It was the best head I’d ever had (up to then, of course).
2. I discovered I had a g-spot (“so that’s what a prostate is!”)
3. Not only was she quite happy to control her own orgasm, she insisted on it, in order to ensure it didn’t get fucked-up by an amateur.

Basically, she didn’t need me.

But you probably need the likes of her.

I encourage older women who are reading this post to pass it along to any site read by young punks who think they have their cockhouse in order.


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