Public Sexcapades

Couple Making Out on Beach

Quickies are fun, fast, and satisfying romps that many couples and hookup strangers enjoy. During these short trysts, romance goes out the window to satisfy primal needs. Choosing to get it on in a public place enhances the “danger” element of being caught and gives an exhibitionist a place to shine.

Public sexcapades are often a choice, but not all the time. Years ago, I met a hot young thing… the chemistry was out this world! There was only one problem: I had recently broken up with my boyfriend who was still sleeping on the couch while looking for a new place.

He wasn’t a bad guy (the ex), we just didn’t get along. I wasn’t looking for anyone during this transition period, but love, or maybe I should say lust happens. I met young thing at a book club (I can’t remember what book we were reading) and it was an immediate connection. He was younger (ten years I would later find out) and that first night when we walked out together, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drink. I like my cubs forward, so drinks we had!

We left the bar at closing and at this point I found out he was living with his parents after a few financial mishaps. This didn’t affect my interest – intense chemistry is very hard to find! I had told him I was single, but was yet to tell him about the ex on my couch (not what every guy wants to here), and I definitely wasn’t cool bringing a guy home in that living arrangement.

We sat on a store stoop and necked and held each other for what seemed like forever. When he pressed to go back to my place, I told him the truth. To my surprise he was very understanding and because it was summer we walked to a nearby park and had passionate sex under the stars. Oh! The memories.

His financial problems worsened and my ex was planting roots on that couch. Thus our entire steamy three month love affair was acted out in public places and often in quick fashion. These public sexcapades kept things intensely hot. We made out in alleys, stairwells, restrooms, rooftops, basketball courts, fire escapes, and parking lots.

This man was my first cub and, of course, not my last. It was his willingness to engage in these crazy wild sexual adventures that had me hooked on dating younger men. And I still enjoy a good outdoor romp from time to time.

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Do you enjoy sex in public places? Or do you prefer the creature comforts of getting it on at home?

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