5 Reasons Sex is Better with Older Women

Yep! I’m at it again – tooting the horns of older women everywhere. Not that it needs to be done for the cubs who have already experienced a great shag with a cougar. But hey, we’re always looking for new recruits. So here, I’ll focus on sex because it really is one of the top reasons to date or hook up with an older woman.

Why Sex is Better with Cougars

1. Lots of Experience
Well, most of us anyway; and that’s just a fact that corresponds to our age. That experience brings confidence of self and body; and a self-assured woman in the bedroom is hot hot hot.

2. We Know What We Like
Having done it for years, we’ve tried a variety of things that might include various positions, kink, bdsm, and group sex. We won’t beat around the bush about what we’re into or what we’d like to try.

3. No Hookup Hangups
A lot of mature women love sex with younger men – and that’s all. If you want that fantastic sex I talk about but don’t want a relationship, there are plenty of us looking for just that. Our sex drive is at it’s peak and we crave the satisfaction and stamina a young cub can provide.

4. We Know Our Bodies
Most of us have been exploring our bodies for a long time and have no problems helping a younger man who wants to discover the sweet spots that make us orgasm.

5. Thrill Seekers
Even those of us who have tried just about everything, we still look for new adventures. Don’t let an older woman’s confidence stop you from sharing your fantasies and desires.

So now that (hopefully) I have a few more younger men interested in checking out all this great sexpotential, it’s also important to know where to find us. At the bar is one place, but online is much more efficient when it comes to looking for a select group of women. Check out these online dating sites that cater specifically to cougar cub dating. If you’re already a member of a dating site, be sure to widen your search results to a larger age range.

Cubs: What do you like about sex with a Cougar?

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