What to Get for the Cougar who Has Everything

Her tastes are high-end. Her libido is insatiable. Her expectations are through the roof.

You’ve been having sex with her for a while and you want to get her something special. Flowers are nice — for about a minute. Dinner is awesome, too — as a warm-up. So what kind of gift can impress a woman who wants nothing short of the best orgasms possible? You get her something that will make her think of you when you’re not around: the nJoy Pure Wand!

nJoy is The brand of dildo designed to impress you right out of your underpants. No question about it, these toys mean business.

Here’s what she’ll love:

Heavy. This sucker weighs a ton. Drop it and you’ll break a toe. Work her holes with it and she’ll think she’s taking on the whole football team.

Man of Steel. This super-polished stainless steel is sexy-smooth, easy to clean, and can be heated or cooled (depending on your mood) in a flash. Body heat alone will harm it up in seconds.

Design. It’s not your imagination: this bird does look like it should be on display in your living room. The fact that it looks unlike any other dildo should impress her, too: I doubt she’ll know what it is when she first lays eyes on it.

Two balls are better than one. The ends of this sex-barbell are different sizes. It’s a good idea to consider the large end for vaginal use and the smaller bulb for anal; but that’s only to get you started. By the time you get going with this thing you’ll want any end anywhere it can reach the fastest.

They’re not cheap — neither the way they’re made nor what they cost. But that’s what makes them perfect for a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t cut corners to get it. Forgo two nights out and invest in one of these instead.

This is for the serious dildo connoisseur. (Its fancy carrying case alone makes that clear.) All others suffer by comparison. She and her loins will love you for it.

And, sure, you could always give her a diamond instead, but don’t you want the sex to last longer?


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