What You Can Expect from Sex with Married Women

Last week I was out for brewskies with a couple (male) friends and the discussion tossed onto the table was that of sex with married women. Each had tried the deed once (one just recently, thus the chat) and declared it the best ever, and had every intention of making it a habit.

I, on the other hand, for better or worse, have experimented with a number of married women over the years, and thought it a good idea to add my two cents on the table:

Let’s take for granted your conscience has no issue with sleeping with a married woman (your mores are your own.) There seem to be two types of married women, though — those who tiptoe and those who dive.

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Tiptoers don’t fully commit themselves to the moment. They’re nervous, unsure, and the result is lacklustre sex that not only overwhelms them with the forthcoming regret, but also makes you wonder whether it was worth it in the first place.

Anxiety and hesitation. They haven’t been pining for an affair. Most likely an opportunity to be risqué has caught their imagination, but they’re usually too worried about getting caught — or bringing home a disease — to relax.

Lights out. Anxiety and hesitation are siblings to guilt. Expect dim lighting, no exhibitionism. They’ll keep their nakedness close to home, keep the action under the blankets, and forget about mirrors.

The fancy stuff. And forget about oral. Tiptoers consider it taboo territory. Should they allow oral, it would be with an insistence on the use of dental dams (I might as well chew on a piece of Glad Wrap) and condoms (is a blowjob with a condom even a blowjob?). Anal sex, you ask? Ha! You wish! These trysts are so safe that all the fun has been sucked dry.

Divers, on the other hand, are a unique breed. They’re committed to try things that aren’t on the menu at home. They’ve been planning and have already come to terms with an affair, and if they aren’t guilt-free, they can successfully flick the switch during play. They’re near-bursting with anticipation, and they’re quite happy to show you the tricks they’ve been fantasizing about. As long as they feel safe, they’ll try it.

I don’t lose sleep over whether or not it’s okay to sleep with a married woman (it’s her marriage, not mine), but it’s never my first choice. Too much potential for baggage.

But if the opportunity comes your way, don’t expect a free-for-all in the sac. When it comes to great sex, state of mind is everything.

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