Older Women using Botox: What Men Think

It’s true. Some cougars love to get work done on their beautiful visages to make them feel a bit sprightlier. However, MILFs should know, it’s not a must for a hot cougar who wants to get on the dating scene. One daring 42-year-old mom and television personality in Britain, Amanda Holden, changed her Botox regimen after her second pregnancy, deciding to ditch the cosmetic procedure. Ever since then, Ms. Holden has reported that her fans have taken to calling her a MILF! If you look up a picture of Amanda, you’ll see what they’re talking about. Earlier this year she tweeted a sexy picture of herself with a half unzipped dress showing off her firm cougar body.

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However, other MILFs swear by the wrinkle reducing substance. Courtney Cox, who is 50 years old, once told a reporter, “Man, I could use some Botox right now!” Even MILFs like reality TV and one time porn star, Farrah Abraham, who is not yet quite of cougar age has been shown on reality television getting the lines on her face filled in for glamorous effects. But, what do the guys think of women who use Botox?

John, an administrator of MatureKiss.com and someone who appreciates older women, filled us in. “I like to date older women who feel good about themselves. If that includes them using Botox or other cosmetic procedures, so be it. The thing I love about cougars is their mature and confident allure.” He went on to explain about the members of Mature Kiss, “Our members run the gamut… there are those who love women who’ve had a lot of work done and love that look, and also men who like an older woman who is au naturel. The common denominator is that we all admire and want to be with confident older women.

There you have it, the official word on Botox from cougar lovers is that each mature woman needs to make up her own mind, because the confidence beneath your skin counts much more than whatever you do to your skin itself!

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you care if a woman uses cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks?

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