10 Great Places for a First Date

How many bad first dates have you had? If you’re like most men, you have a few stories to tell. First date mistakes can include finding out your online love interest isn’t who you thought she was, a personality clash, no chemistry, or too many distractions – things you have no control over. One thing you can control, however, is choosing the location. Where you go on a first date can have a significant impact on how things turn out. I’ll give you some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. ps – I’m going to skip the obvious coffee shop, restaurant, and movie.

10 Fantastic First Date Ideas

1. Fair/Amusement Park – Most older women love these because they’re great places to act silly with a younger man. And there’s always lots to see and do, as you gradually get to know each other.

2. New Neighbourhood – Meet one another in an area you’re both unfamiliar with. This provides you with the opportunity for exploration on an equal playing field.

3. Sports Game – Especially if she’s a sporty cougar, this is a  that is an energetic environment that is also comfortable, and which provides the opportunity for fun and physical contact.

4. Bowling – Fun, even for beginners. A date that includes a little friendly competition just invites flirting. Also a great place for old school double dating.

5. Museum – You don’t half to be a history buff to enjoy touring a museum with a lovely lady. With so much to see, you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

6. Garage Sailing – This may not be your kind of thing, but it guarantees a date won’t stagnate. You’ll be walking around, talking, and getting to know your “new friend’s” tastes and interests.

7. Picnic in the Park – Agree to each bring a few tasty treats to share and a bottle of wine. This is a romantic date idea for someone you’ve been talking to for a while and have already developed feelings for.

8. Swimming – This could be anything from a trip to the beach, the local indoor pool, or to a gym for an aquafit class. Being active gets those endorphins pumping, and who doesn’t want to see a hot cougar in a bathing suit?

9. Casino – Casual betting is another way to get the heart racing. And why not take in a music show after, which many casinos host.

10. Stand-up Comedy – This takes the pressure off you to be funny; and if it’s not hilarious, you can always poke fun together later.

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Any other ideas you can share?

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