Go Cougars! Women Who Like Sports

Why It’s Great To Be A Sports Fan

Wow! If I knew being a sports fan was so attractive to young cubs, I would have educated myself years ago. I meet so many guys through sports-related situations or events, and I come by it naturally. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who is lying to impress you.

When I was a kid, no one in my family liked sports of any kind. Well, one brother was good in track and field but it wasn’t something the masses were watching. It wasn’t until my late twenties, when I dated a guy, who was into the NFL and NHL that I became interested. It was  a ‘can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em thing.’ If I wanted to spend more time with him then I’d have to watch sports. The strange this is I got hooked. It’s been forever since I saw that guy, but enjoying sports is a passion that I won’t dump. People sometimes joke it’s the hot players that I’m attracted to, and I’ll admit a little eye candy never hurts, but I sincerely love the competition of sports.

I mention liking sports in my dating profiles, but cubs are always taken aback by the extent of my knowledge. I read newspapers, books, and yes I do watch the games. I also have a good memory for stats. This takes time. The first year I watched football, I didn’t understand anything and would laugh every time I heard the word tight end.

I tell other cougars that sports is a great way to connect with younger men, and it’s not until I convince them to go to a game with me and they see me in action that they believe.

Let’s face it, a lot of hot younger men are into sports. One of my fave turn ons is lying on the couch with a cub and watching an intense playoff game. Throwing in a friendly wager never hurts.

5 Places to Find Cougar Sports Fans

– park baseball diamonds

– arenas (hockey, football, soccer, basketball)

– at the beach (volleyball)

– horse racing track

– sports bars (especially during playoffs)

Cubs: Do you like women who know their sports?

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