5 Reasons I Still Love Younger Men

Sometimes my younger female friends joke about me dating men my own age, or older, they say “We have enough competition without cougars coming in for the kill.” Sorry ladies, but younger men turn my crank, float my boat, and keep me young. I won’t lie, I do sometimes wonder if my proclivity for the younger gents is just a phase ( a very long phase thus far) and that eventually I’ll start dating men my age, or if the pendulum will swing and my thing will become the older older guys.

I don’t discriminate, if I get an exciting, interesting message on my online dating profile, I always check out a man’s profile. And if it peaks my curiosity, I’m into meeting whether he’s ten years younger or older. It’s just that when I’m prowling around a dating site, looking for someone to hook up with or maybe start a relationship with, I’m usually searching in a certain age range.

5 Reasons I Still Love Younger Men

1. Stamina
Younger men can keep up with me, and I’m not just talking about in the bedroom. I work out, I have a lot of energy that keeps my on the go. A couch-potato homebody isn’t going to cut it, and sadly, a lot of older men just slow down and stop taking care of themselves.

2. Fun
I have a juvenile side who likes to have the kind of fun I did when I was younger. I want to go on all the rides at the fair, play hooky from work, and take spontaneous day trips out of the city. Most cubs haven’t got too serious and are still close to their inner child.

3. Adventurous
Younger men are still exploring themselves and the world. Travelling, trying new things, and exploring new passions are things I find very attractive.

4. Open
A lot of older men are set in their ways, they’ve accepted who they are and don’t feel there is still so much self-exploration to do. I want to be with someone who is always moving forward, who still has goals they are working towards.

5. Baggage
A younger man hasn’t let a trail of broken relationships and heartbreak define him or hinder his ability to love or make love to new women. And when baggage includes ex-wives and kids (young or grown) things just get a lot more complicated.

Cougars: What keeps you interested in dating younger men?
Cubs: What attracts you most about dating older women?

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