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Are you wondering what attracts older women to online dating profiles? Have you written your profile over a zillion times but find you’re still not attracting the right women? Without enough “turn ons” in your profile, you may be waiting a long time for that special someone or that special someone right now.

What attracts cougars to a particular profile are the same qualities that interest most women. The more of these “turn ons” you can write or express in your profile, the more messages you will receive.

Profile Turn Ons

Sense of Humour
You can’t say, “I’m a funny guy,” you have to show it in your prose. A little self deprecation, your taste in music or movies, or a personal anecdote will do the trick. Women love a guy who makes them laugh, but we also want to know you can be serious at times, too.

A woman wants to see that you have a variety of interests and activities that you enjoy, but please don’t brag by listing achievements, every country you’ve travelled to, or every mountain you’ve climbed. Save these details for a few dates in.

Be a man, but don’t be afraid to show a little sensitivity and compassion in your profile. This can be done by mentioning your children (if you have any), pets, or volunteer work you engage in. Something you might not talk to your buddies about is usually something a woman would be attracted to.

This is more than an interest or activity. A passion is something which consumes a lot of your time and thoughts. Something you strive to improve in. A passion can be just about anything – cooking, a sport, writing, fixing old cars, building model trains, a collection. And you don’t have to be great at your passion for it to be hot.

This doesn’t mean posting a picture of your six pack, and it doesn’t mean you have to be ripped. Older women just don’t want a couch potato that never leaves their basement apartment. Cougars expect younger men to be more active than the men their own age.

I’m not talking intellectual rocket scientists, but a thirst for knowledge and self growth (especially in the bedroom). Write in your profile if you’re studying or what you strive to learn outside of school.

Creative men are hot – musicians, writers, artists – to all women, but I’m talking about how you compose your profile. Try adding your own headings or subheadings, linking to your website, videos or twitter account, formatting your information differently (lists, quotes, anecdotes). A visually different profile will stand out.

Clarity & Brevity
If you can’t spell well or your grammar is atrocious, find a friend who can clean it up, make it shine. Describe yourself and what you’re looking for as clearly and concisely as possible. A woman gets bored when a profile drones on and on. You don’t have to fit your whole life in, you just want to get her attention and pique her interest.

Does your profile include these “turn ons”?

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