Better Sex with Confident Cougars

Not only am I a new writer for the Cougar World blog, but I am also a newly crowned cougar!

***Places tiara on head, accepts bouquet of 24 roses***

Over the course of getting to know you, my audience, I suspect we’ll have a mutually beneficial relationship. I’ll be able to share my dating experiences with the vast array of beautiful young thangs I’ll be walking arm-in-arm with, but I’ll also be learning from the variety of experiences that you, the readers and fellow writers, will share.

The one thing I’m not new at, is sex. I did start young, but I’ve loved it since my first time. I have always been in touch with my sexuality. It resides deep inside me and just under the surface. I feel my sexuality when it’s spring, I feel it after working out, and I feel it when I’ve closed a deal or gotten recognition for the work I do.

So, what does being with a cougar come down to? It’s confidence. And that’s one of the biggest differences you’ll find with older women.

Cougars are more experienced in all areas of life. It’s not to say we’re better – just more self-aware. We have our mistakes neatly tucked under our belts. We have a clear understanding of what we want for ourselves, what career path we’re taking or the path that walks us up to the front door of our home. Through the ups and downs of life we’ve walked through, we can identify what we want from our friendships, family, and from you – our lovers.

So how does our confidence express itself in the bedroom? First, be sure I’m not talking about over-confidence (the kind that can make another feel small or unnoticed). It’s the type of confidence that can allow us, as women, to be vulnerable and not be afraid of making mistakes. It’s the type of confidence that knows when to take control, but also to be able to fall back into the arms of her lover.

So the next time you go out with an older woman, try not to be anxious. You may be new to the game, but her sexual experience and confidence will allow for some amazing connections to happen between you both.

What else do you find attractive in older women?

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