5 Signs You Should Take a Dating Break

As much as I like talking about dating and sex on cougar world, even serial daters like myself need a break sometimes. Dating can be exhausting, especially when it’s just a string of first dates, without a decent kiss at the end. Finding the right person, whether it’s for a no-strings-attached-sex arrangement or for a long-term romantic relationship, is hard work. Perseverance is a must. But if you’re suffering from dating burnout, you may not realize that your chances of hooking up or finding love are going way down.

5 Signs You Should Take a Dating Break

It’s time recharge your dating battery if:

1. Your negative side is coming out on dates. When things haven’t been going well in our dating lives, we can become jaded, not expecting much from first dates. This negative energy will come through, believe me! Even if you don’t notice it, your date will.

2. Women aren’t responding to your online messages. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re not putting enough effort into your first messages or you haven’t updated your profile since joining a dating site.

3. You’ve let yourself go. You’ve stopped putting much thought into what you look like, what you wear, or manscaping. If you find yourself wearing your around-the-house sweats on a date, it’s time to re-evaluate and clean yourself up.

4. Your place has bachelor written all over it. Sure, you should be comfortable in your own lair, but so should a woman, if you’re lucky enough to bring her home on a first date. A cougar is more forgiving, but there are limits. Half-eaten food on the counter and sticky floors aren’t going to impress.

5. You’re ready for love. If you’ve “been there, done that” with the serial dating and sown all your wild oats, then it might be time to take a break, think about the kind of woman you want for a long-term partner before opening yourself up to the possibility.

Do you ever consciously take a dating break, or does it just happen naturally?

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