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Defining Older Women: Cougars, Pumas, MILFs, and GILFs

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If you are a discerning guy who enjoys dating older woman, you may have heard of a few different terms used to describe the experienced women you love to date. It can be confusing, knowing which term applies and what each means.

“We’ve got MILFs, we’ve even got some GILFs! There are lots of terms that people are using to describe themselves today, and you’ll have more success if you know what they are so you can find the type of woman you want to date online” explains Johanna Cruz, who is a content manager at “If you know all the terms, you won’t get a puma when what you’re really looking for is a cougar, and vice versa.”

Definitions of Older Women

Cougar – This term describes any older woman, usually in her 40’s or 50’s who likes to date a guy who is junior to her years in age. She may frequent clubs or use online dating sites to meet such guys. The stereotypical cougar is a well-dressed, confident woman who knows what she wants. Perhaps she is divorced, or perhaps she has never married. It doesn’t matter.

Puma – A woman who is a puma isn’t quite in the cougar age range yet, but she still enjoys dating younger men. The guys a puma is seeking out are buff, adventurous men who can show her a good time and make her feel invigorated. Pumas are usually in their late 20’s to late 30’s.

MILF – This term, widely used after it showed up in the movie American Pie to describe Stifler’s mom, describes any hot babe who is also a mom. The term stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck. Technically a MILF can be of any age, but she usually is older and takes pride in maintaining her looks.

GILF – Well, if a MILF is a Mother I’d like to Fuck, a GILF is a Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck! Just because you’re of a certain age, it doesn’t mean that fun and sexy times have to stop. Lots of women who are even over the age of 60 enjoy getting out and having fun new dates with interesting men who know how to treat them right.

What kind of older woman are you interested in?

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