Cougar Cub Relationships and Making it Work

What is a Cougar Cub Relationship?

A cougar cub relationship is a sexual and/or romantic connection between an older woman and a younger man at least 10 years her junior. The older woman is called a cougar, and the man in a cougar relationship is called a cub.

Cougar cub relationships may involve casual dating and hookups, or more be serious and involve a more long-term cougar arrangement. 

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How to Be in a Cougar Relationship

Many older women who love dating younger men aren’t looking for anything serious. Many cougars just want sex with no strings attached.

This cougar cub relationship is very popular and satisfying to both parties. But if you do want a low-key arrangement with one woman, you will have to keep her attention because there are many other men in the dating jungle looking for the same thing.

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1. Have your own life.

A cougar doesn’t want a younger man who is trying to enmesh himself into her life, which may be busy with children, a career, and other responsibilities. She’ll also be more turned on if you have your interests and activities.

2. Be available.

If it’s just sex she’s after (and of course, sex is better with cougars!), you’ll want to make yourself available as much as you can. Responding to her booty call texts is always a good idea, even if it is a school night!

3. Be willing in the bedroom.

For the sexually adventurous cougar, a partner who is willing to experiment is a must. A younger man can always make up for inexperience with an eager-to-please demeanor.

Cougar and Cub making out

4. Be honest.

Older women don’t take bullshit, and are not afraid of the truth. If you met someone your own age and want to break things off with your older lady, just say so. If you’re falling in love with your cougar, just say so… you never know, she may be too.

5. Respect. Respect. Respect.

If you treat a cougar as just a sex object, you’ll be kicked to the curb before you can get your clothes back on. All women, especially older women want and deserve respect. Chivalry is not dead.

If you can remember these tips, you may be on your way to a successful cougar cub relationship.

Can a Cougar Cub Relationship Work?

I think most of us, at least eventually, would like to find a fulfilling lasting relationship, a true partner in life. Cougars and cubs can find happiness, but the challenges of making it last increase with the age gap between them.

A woman calling herself a cougar is usually not interested in the long-term. She enjoys the hunt and conquest and a little sexual play, but doesn’t stay long and will be turned off by a cub that gets too needy.

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Many young men are interested in older women as sexual partners who can teach them new bedroom tricks, and that might be all they want. Cubs need to sow their wild oats before settling down. A younger man may want to have children, whereas an older woman may have already gone through this, have grown children, or feel she is too old to start a family.

As you can see, cougar cub relationships are not as simple as they may seem. On the other hand, there are older women who are looking for long-term love with younger men (and vice versa), but like any relationship that goes the distance, it takes two committed partners, and yes, work.

Cougar cub relationships that last often begin organically. Two people meet with little expectation of what their friendship or dating will bring. When we’re trying too hard, determined to make something work, there are often ulterior motives or some type of fantasy involved. You know – love goggles!

A cougar may like the idea of falling in love with a younger man, but she will also have some insecurities – what?! a cougar without confidence – no, just wisdom and a handle on reality. Most men who dabble in dating older women eventually do return to younger women their own age or younger. I’ve een and experienced it many times.

When we enter new relationships, even cougar cub relationships, we take the risk of being hurt. It’s a necessary part of building a foundation of trust for a long-lasting relationship.

What Type of Cougar Relationship Do You Want?

Is a woman’s age your only deciding factor when hunting cougars or is there a particular type of cougar relationship that draws your attention the most?

The dating jungle can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you’re after. Luckily, there’s a cougar woman for every young man who seeks a thrilling experience lover to satisfy his desires.

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Ready to find the type of cougar relationship you’re looking for?

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