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Ask Ava: Meeting Senior Cougars

Sexy Senior in Bath

Q: Dear Ava. You talk mostly about younger men who like dating older women. I’m not young, in fact, a lot of women would call me an old man. I’m early forties, but I often date women who are in their fifties, even early sixties. I like the attitude these women possess, it’s kind of like an “I’ve seen it all, don’t fuck with me” thing. Anyway, it’s hot. What I want to ask is…where can I meet these older women, it’s not like they hang out at bars looking for men. I met the last woman at a wedding. It was a short-lived romance but fun.
-Craig, Vancouver

A: Hi Craig, it’s nice to hear older cougars are still attracting younger men. You didn’t give any background on your love life, but I’m sure you’ve had a fair bit of experience with meeting women in different places. I don’t think things change that much with age when it comes to finding women for short or long-term relationships.

One thing about meeting and hitting it off with the opposite sex, regardless of age, is it often happens when you least expect it. I’m sure this has occurred  in your life, Craig – when you stop trying or looking, you bump into someone and a little magic begins.

A lot of people assume online dating is for the younger set, but the senior population of dating sites has grown tremendously. Try a site that is specific to dating older women like Maturekiss as well as more mainstream sites like OkCupid where you can state the age range you’re seeking. If online dating is new to you, just take your time, look around the site, and go at your own pace.

There are many other places to meet interesting single older women. Join a gym or take classes (yoga and aquafit) that are geared to the age group you’re looking for. Gyms are good meeting places because you can chat without looking desperate or aggressive. Also try continuing education classes – a shared interest is a good starting point for any relationship.

A few more ideas – organized day trips on buses (tourist sites, shopping excursions, casinos), museum tours, library book clubs, volunteer work, outdoor festivals, wine & food tasting events, and yes, Craig, never turn down a wedding invitation.

Cougars: Where can younger men find you?

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