The Benefits of Dating Older Women

The Cougar Treatment

Whenever I’m out with an older woman, I feel like a prince. I’m made to feel like a prince, in the way she treats me. No one pours on the special attention like an older woman.

Ask cynics why this might be and here’s the kind of thing you’ll get:

– At her age, she has to treat you well, otherwise she’ll lose you. Fat chance of that—confident cougars are not desperate. If I weren’t the lucky guy, someone else easily would be.

– She doesn’t want to miss out on a chance for 25-year-old cock, otherwise she’s stuck with a 50-year-old one. An experienced woman, who really knows what to do with cock, can have any one she wants.

– She only takes you to fancy restaurants cuz the lighting is low, and she doesn’t want you to notice three inches of makeup. No—they have class, and finer tastes, and aren’t interested in hanging out at the local noodle joint that the 20-somethings find so yummy.

But here’s the kind of response you’ll hear from cougars themselves: Cougars treat young men well because they make her feel good—and as a result she’s more than happy to shower them with special attention.

So why do young men make them feel so good? The answer to that spins this entire conversation on its head: it’s not about how cougars treat young men—it’s about how young men treat cougars. That’s where all the special treatment starts, and it’s usually always the same old story: A young cougar-dating guy is chasing the confidence and experience that ensures him a high-flying ride filled with interesting conversation, new territories, and, above all, the best sex. He wants to be with her—not only despite her age, but because of it.

When she knows you want her, the world is your oyster. Her world is your oyster.

And take my word for it: you’ll wanna visit.

Are You Ready to Date Cougars?


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