Are You Ready to Date Cougars?

You’re a young man who usually dates women your own age, but you’ve always wondered what it would be like to date an older woman – a cougar! You’ve checked out a few age specific dating sites, but haven’t joined because you’re not sure what lays in store.

Okay guys, let me tell you, dating a forty-year old woman is a lot different than the twenty-three year old girl in your chemistry class or the twenty-year old that serves you beer at the local sports bar. Here’s a small taste of what you can expect from older women.

Less competition. Not all younger men understand the awesomeness of dating older women. If you join a cougar site, you are assured that every woman on there is looking for a younger guy.

Cut to the chase. Younger women make you play games and often won’t let you put your hand in the cookie jar for weeks, if at all. Cougars want sex, and we’re not afraid to get busy, fast!

Great sex. Experience pays off, big time. Younger women aren’t as comfortable with their bodies (Does this make me look fat?) physically and sexually. An older woman isn’t afraid to strut her stuff  and won’t mind telling you exactly what turns her on.

Appreciation. A cougar relationship may be no strings attached, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to take you for granted. An older woman will definitely show you a good time in the bedroom.

Confidence. Cougars don’t need the praise and constant attention younger women ask you for. Expect a woman who is sure of herself in all areas of her life.

Inspirational. You’ll be surprised and impressed with how well an older woman runs her life. Cougars know how to balance family, work, and relationships with class and style.

Freedom. Most cougars don’t want long-term relationships and don’t get clingy with younger men. You can enjoy the benefits of dating cougars and still engage with women your own age. But I’m warning you, you may stick with older women once you get a taste.

If you think you can handle this – Welcome to the Jungle!

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