Grow Up to Date a Mature Woman

I love dating younger men, and that’s not going to change, but . . . there has been something bothering me on my last few dates. These men are young, but not that young. Let’s say early thirties. What I didn’t enjoy was how immature they behaved, and to be honest, it turned me off to the point of not wanting a second date. First date mistakes suck for both people.

Here’s an example: “Jeff” was late to meet me at the restaurant which I can overlook. Then he gave me his excuse – he was in the middle of an xbox game with his roommate. Sorry, guys, but I thought it was a lame excuse, and I was surprised that he wouldn’t think up something better or know that he should for an older woman. He then bragged about winning fifty bucks on the game, but it was me who ended up paying for dinner, hence no desire to see this cad again.

I love the energy, spontaneity, and charm that most younger men exhibit, but there also has to be a certain amount of maturity, especially if they’re in their thirties. If you think you also lack maturity and want a few reminders what an older woman expects, here you go:

  • keep the swearing to a minimum (a little is okay)
  • turn your cell phone off during a date (you can check it when she uses the washroom)
  • talk about grown up topics (not the awesome KD tuna dinner you made last night)
  • talk about goals and aspirations you have (not high school hotboxing)
  • act confident in your abilities, yet humble at the same time
  • admit when you make mistakes and always be willing to apologize
  • surround yourself with mature friends
  • put your date first and act like a gentleman
  • be thoughtful and considerate not only to your date but to others around you

Growing up is hard to do, but if it means boosting your dating potential, then it’s worth it to keep these tips in mind.

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