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Surprising Facts about Cougar & Cub Relationships

Kissing Couple

Don’t believe everything you read online or in a magazine. The media loves to paint cougar/cub relationships in a certain light, but we know that cougars and cubs are just regular people who happen to appreciate each other and find each other sexy. They know that age is just a number, and they don’t let other people’s weird misconceptions about their relationship stop them from enjoying each other’s company.

Cougars and Cubs Have lots in Common
Some people wonder how two people of differing ages could get along so well, but if the chemistry is there, it’s there! You don’t have to have been born when Jimi Hendrix was making music to appreciate it, and lots of older people today enjoy modern music and movies, especially now that the internet makes it so easy to find out about new things. Sure, cougars and cubs might have a few differences now and again, but wouldn’t any couple? Bridging differences in a relationship is the spice of life and a great learning experience.

Cubs and Cougars Stay Together Longer
It’s a stereotype that cougars use their boy toys for a few nights of pleasure and then kick them to the curb. You can see from many celebrity MILF and cub relationships that longevity is in the cards, as long as everyone gets along. “Someone writes me from our site at least once a week thanking me for providing them with a space to meet their new cougar girlfriend or cub boyfriend,” Shelley Timmons, a member coordinator at told us. “I receive beautiful wedding and engagement pictures from people who have met on our site!”

Older Women Are now a Precious Dating Choice
Some wonder why a vibrant guy would choose to spend his time with an older woman. Well, just because a woman is in her forties or fifties, it doesn’t mean she is boring or unattractive. Quite the opposite really. Cougars often love dating a cub who gives them a reason to get dressed up and go out on the town. Plus, cubs are actually specifically attracted to a mature woman’s curves, smile lines, and experienced ways of the bedroom.

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