Profile Writing Tips for Younger Men

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As a cougar that has spent many hours reading profiles of cubs and had countless dates with younger men, I consider myself somewhat of a professional when it comes to finding what I like. I rarely make a date with someone I’ve met online that disappoints, and for me, it all boils down to your profile. It’s a woman’s first impression, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Writing about oneself is difficult, I admit, and there is no science when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, but I will share some advice that can only increase the number of replies you receive from older women.

Picture This. Your photo is what women notice first. Let your lead photo be a head shot, not some picture of you way off in the distance climbing a mountain. Try to include a variety that show different sides of your personality. I always say: don’t use your absolute best photo because you don’t want her to be disappointed.

Reality Check. A cougar wants a younger man who takes care of himself. You don’t need to lie about your salary, your age, and other accomplishments to attract us. Lying about these things will be a dealbreaker to the bedroom if it comes out, so be honest. If all you’re looking for is sex or a one night stand then put it out there. Few cougars are looking to sink their claws in for more.

Friendly Help. So you’re not the writerly type and spelling isn’t your thing. Don’t be afraid to ask a buddy for help with your profile. Usually the ones we’re closest to will be much better at pointing out our strong characteristics than ourselves. Female friends often have the best perspective. Be specific. A cougar will appreciate the finer points that indicate a more passionate side. Instead of saying you like sports, list your favourite athletes or teams.

Show, Don’t Tell. Let the real you shine in your summary. Saying you have a good sense of humour is so nondescript. Instead include a photo that shows your quirky, silly side – so much more appealing. You like movies, why not quote a line from one of your favourites (preferably sexy over creepy).

And don’t forget, no profile is written in stone. Update, revise, rewrite if you’re not finding what you’re looking for and as your interests and life evolves.

What profile writing tips can you share?

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