Experience Preferred: Why Cougars Are Best In Bed

A lot of my friends don’t understand why I prefer sex with mature women, but there’s no mystery to it at all. I can give you four good reasons why I’d rather have sex with a cougar than a college chick – any day of the week.

1. Experience counts.

Whether it’s an expert blowjob, the encyclopedic knowledge of sexual positions, or the confidence to tell me exactly what she wants and where she likes to be touched. The experience that a cougar brings into the bedroom translates into the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. One cougar I dated woke me up every morning with a blowjob, put me to bed by riding me goodnight, and managed to introduce a new and different move every time.

2. Getting right to the point.

My mature lovers don’t like to waste a lot of time with courtship or the trappings of dating. We meet, we hook up, and then we go home to our separate lives until it’s time to get together for some more fun. Cougars take their sweet time in the sack, but the bedroom is the only place where they want a lot of foreplay.

3. A sense of adventure.

Maybe it’s because they have been there and done that so many times when it comes to the usual sex acts, but the more experienced women I’ve been with are also some of the most sexually adventurous and erotically experimental. One of my regular cougar hookups is a literal booty call. When I go to her place, it’s all about finding new and different ways to stimulate her anally, from rimming to toys and anything else she fancies – I’m an ass man, so it works for me!

4. No drama.

I’ve never had a cougar get too clingy, or even ask me what I’m thinking while we’re lying in bed after sex. My mature lovers like sex games, not head games. And the only place they want drama is on their TV screen.

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