Sex Positions with Older Women

Q: Dear Ava. My name is Pat, and I’ve been interested in dating older women for as long as I can remember. I think this is partly because my first sex was with a much older woman. But because I’ve only recently begun online dating, I’ve found it difficult to meet and approach older women and therefore have been in relationships with girls my own age (I’m twenty-eight). I don’t find many women who are sexually adventurous or like sex in many different positions. Are older women up for anything. I’m the kind of guy that likes having sex a lot, so I like trying new things to keep it fresh.

A: Hi Pat. I do think one’s first sexual experiences definitely plays a part in shaping our sexual selves, whether that relates to the age, personality, or type of encounter it was. But that said, I can never toot the horns of older women enough! Cougars are confident sexy creatures that younger men should at least explore once in their lives.

Finding and starting a conversation with an older woman can be intimidating, so I support your move to start online dating. This can also be challenging at first, as it’s a very different style of dating, but it does seem to move things along at a better pace.

I think women become sexually adventurous the older they become, as this is supported through their experience and the confidence that comes with that experience. Most women who love dating younger men are up for anything and love the energy and stamina that comes with a younger partner. If I had to have sex in the same old same old position, I’d die. Variety is the spice of any sex life.

5 Sex Positions Women Love

1. Doggie – Entering a woman from behind while she is on all fours is a great way to get as far in as you can, and you might just hit her G-spot in this position.

2. On the Counter – This is a great thrusting position, as you’ll have good traction while standing and grabbing a hold of her hips.

3. Standing – The shower is a great place for this and works best with a man who is taller than his partner. Pounding water is an awesome added sensory during sex.

4. Spooning – If you love to cuddle, you can do that while curling around your partner from behind and going in.

5. 69 – giving oral sex to one another feels oh so good. This is a great warm-up position before intercourse.

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