The Female Roller Coaster Libido

Have you tried your best to figure out your woman’s erratic sex drive? Do you care? You should if you want to optimize your chances and know when the time is right to strike. Of course, this is only one older woman’s opinion, but this cougar has prowled the jungle for decades and has discussed sex and relationships with other females to understand well enough the female libido and what affects it.

Let’s not forget, women hit a new sexual peak in their late thirties/early forties, so that’s one reason why you should date older women. But that said, we all have our highs and lows.

I’ve always envied the general ability of a man to crave and engage in sex no matter what his emotional state. Men: if you’ve tried having sex with a pissed-off partner, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Women just don’t want to go there when they’re upset or angry (there is always a slight chance of hot steamy makeup sex, depending on the argument), but more often than not you’re ending up with a cold shoulder.

I often say, a man’s sex drive is what it is: if it’s sky-high, then it’s always this way; if it’s healthy, it remains so; and if it’s lower than average, that’s just the way it is. Now with women, it’s a whole other story. This is where the roller coaster ride comes in. Most women agree with me when I say a woman’s sex drive can change in a flash. For example, If I’ve been single, taking a break from dating, and haven’t had sex for a couple months; I almost forget what sex is – seriously! But, if all of a sudden I meet an attractive younger man, feel the chemistry, and hook up with him – it’s game over! And if he’s available, I’ll want sex every day, at least once a day! The more I get; the more I want. I’ll think, oh yeah, that’s what that sex thing’s all about.

So when you do meet a mature woman, especially if she’s been out of the game a little while, now’s your chance to remind her how great things can be. We forget, honestly. If you want to keep her sex drive at its optimum, then you have to leave her wanting more. This is where the art of lovemaking comes in. And an older woman is the perfect partner to show patience through practice. Put her needs first and don’t forget the importance of foreplay.

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