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Why You Should Date Older Women

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It’s been a while since I reached out to the younger men who are sitting on the fence about dating older women. Dating a hot mature lady doesn’t mean you can’t still hook up with girls you’re own age, it just means you double your opportunities. And when you find out that cougars are a lot easier to date and much more satisfying sexually, I won’t say I told you so (even though I did!)

Why Dating Older Women Rocks!

Sexual Experience
With age comes a vast array of knowledge when it comes to pleasing a man. We don’t just lie there waiting for you to do your thing. You’ll not only be impressed with an older woman’s skills, she’s also going to tell you what she likes.

Those little things you do for women your own age, you know, the things that get no acknowledgement or are expected, well, an older woman doesn’t take these gestures for granted. We know a good guy when we see one and won’t be shy to show our appreciation.

Women in their twenties are still trying to figure out who they are, and you might be too. So wouldn’t it be nice to be with a woman who is sure of herself, confident in her body and her abilities. We don’t ask if we look fat in our jeans every other day.

We like younger men, foibles and all. We know you’re still searching for things, planning goals, finding your way. Older women accept where you are and respect your individuality. We’ll also accept where you are sexually and be happy to teach you some new tricks.

Younger women don’t always have the confidence to say what’s on their minds, but an older woman has no problem with this. This is especially important if you’re thinking you want more than a sexual affair with a cougar. Open communication awaits you with a mature woman.

Financially Stable
You can’t expect an older woman to support you, but you can expect her to have a solid foundation – her own place and the finances to do things younger women can’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are sugar mamas out there, too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

A single older woman knows how to take care of herself. We don’t expect a younger guy to swoop in and save us or attend to our every whim. At this point in our lives, things are running smoothly. What we want is companionship, whether it’s just a sexual thing or something more.

Have I convinced you that dating older women is where it’s at?

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