Choosing Sex Toys For Older Women

Are you thinking about buying a sex toy for your older girlfriend?

Once you’ve started dating an older woman, you might think about picking her up a small gift. The route that a lot of guys take is basic – flowers, candy, maybe a small piece of jewelry.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and really impress an older woman, we think the way to go is with a  sex toy!

How to Pick a Sex Toy for Your Older Girlfriend

The best sex toy for older women is one that is customized to their tastes and desires.

1. Keep it Classy

Long gone are the days of basic five-dollar vibrators. (Well – they are technically still around, but your lady deserves so much better!) It’s time to look at sex toys that will make your new Mrs. more than a little impressed.

There are a few names to keep in mind when looking into luxury sex toys and the best sex toys for older women.  Lelo, JimmyJane, and We-Vibe have been making high-end sex toys for years.

All of these toys have a certain look to them that will impress even the horniest of women.

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2. What Gets Her Off?

Keep in mind your cougar lover’s tastes when picking out the right toy. If she gets off more from internal pleasure, look for a toy that’s long and curved to get ultimate g-spot satisfaction.

If she loves having her clit played with, find something compact but still easy to control. Speaking of control – we’d certainly suggest trying out remote-controlled vibrating panties on your next night out with your older girlfriend.

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3. Sex Toys for Two

Would you rather use a sex toy together? The luxury market of sex toys for older women also includes items like vibrating cock rings and couples massagers.

This will not only get her going, but it’ll also help you orgasm harder and longer as well. Great for keeping up with the higher sex drive of older ladies!

These high-end sex toys have a price to match, but it’ll be an investment that will not only satisfy her in the short term but bring her many a pleasure down the road.

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What sex toys can you recommend?

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