3 Tips to Help You Help Her Orgasm

Have you been able to make every lover orgasm? Chances are, probably not. This might be because you didn’t know how, you didn’t know her well enough, or you didn’t have enough experience. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to being a memorable lover.

1. Recognize Every Woman is Different
Just because you were able to make your last lover come with a finger doesn’t mean the next one will. Sure, we all have the same basic parts, but what turns us on is very individual. And it’s not just about where you touch but how you touch as well. Some women want a slow caress while others may want squeezing, sucking, or nibbling. How do you know? You can either watch and listen for signs of pleasure, or ask her. See every woman’ body as a beautiful landscape to explore.

2. Master the Art of Foreplay
The best orgasms come after much foreplay has happened. This not only helps to arouse a woman, but also make her anticipate the orgasm. Foreplay includes talking about sex, flirting, touching, kissing, dancing, watching porn, stroking her hair, or giving a sensual massage. See how long you can go before you even touch her sweet spot. Going down on a woman is often the best way to make a woman come, so make sure you have the skills for cunnilingus confidence.

3. Indulge Her Fantasies
You may be happy with your overall prowess in the bedroom, but satisfying a woman’s fetishes and fantasies can take her orgasm to a whole other level. This may take time with a new lover, as she’ll want to know that she can trust you with her darkest desires. And if she does, be sure to hold judgement and do your best to fulfill her fantasies. Most of us have a little kink in us and when we explore beyond the vanilla, sex can be mind blowing.

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