How to Please a Dominant Older Woman

If you’re a submissive younger man looking to be dominated in or out of the bedroom then a cougar may be a perfect fit. Not all older women want to dominate, but many do, especially those that refer to themselves as cougars.

Older women are naturally more confident because of their dating experience and have no problem taking the lead in relationships.

You may just be trying the submissive hat on for size, exploring your kinky side. Whatever your level of experience, you’ll want to be sure to please the older woman in your life.

Tips on pleasing a dominant older woman:

1. The Little Things – You recognize and attend to her personal idiosyncrasies without questioning her quirks.

2. No Expectation – You enjoy doing things for her and expect nothing in return.

3. With or Without Her – You show her that you’re thinking about her even when your apart. Sexting and small gifts work.

4. Eager to Please – You go out of your way to please, but you also have limits that you can communicate.

5. More to It – You recognize that the submissive dominant relationship you share is only one facet of your bond.

6. Her Schedule – You understand that you are only a part of her busy life and let her schedule dictate your time together.

7. True Self – Your submission is a real part of your personality, not an act. Inexperience and a willingness to learn are acceptable.

I’m a confident cougar and like to date younger men who are sweet and kind but not sexually submissive. I don’t want to be able to walk all over my partner. He needs a backbone. Now, if your submissive side does extend to your sexual preference then you may want to try a site like where you can specify what age and personality type you’re looking for.

Submissives: What else do you do to please an older woman?

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