Tribbing and Anal Sex

Q: When two women are tribbing, do they get the same feeling as having sex with a guy? Do women get turned on when a guy cums inside their ass? – Rick

A: Hi Rick. Thanks for these questions. I’m going to be honest and admit that I had no idea what “tribbing” was! It’s been awhile since my last threesome, I usually don’t get too involved with the other woman in an FFM. I did a little online search to find this out:

From “tribadism” which refers to lesbianism. Derived from the Greek “tribas” (a lesbian) and “tribo” which is the verb “to rub.” Refers to “scissoring” which is when two women rub their vulvas and clitoris together as a form of non-penetrative sex. Can also refer to “frottage” (rubbing) of the woman’s vulva against something for sexual stimulation.

Even though I haven’t tried tribbing, I can safely answer that nothing feels the same as having sex with a guy. I’ve used my fair share of awesome sex toys like vibrators and dildos but rest assured, nothing can replace the feeling of a man heavy on top of you, thrusting… or straddling you from behind, into the behind!

I think a woman would have to be at least bi to enjoy and get off on tribbing, unless she is fulfilling a man’s fantasy in a threesome. Because of course, pleasing a partner is pleasure in itself!

If anal sex is your thing, just know there are a lot of women who either have a no-backdoor policy or they just haven’t had the pleasure of trying anal sex. I’m someone who can take it or leave it and am more inclined to do it, if it turns my partner on. The pleasure comes from the unique feeling of something just being in there. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve tried it. I’m a condom girl, so even when a man has come while in my ass, it’s really just that final thrust and his orgasmic body tense that is the turn on. Double penetration is a real turn on, if you haven’t already tried that with a woman.

Readers: what are your thoughts on tribbing and anal sex?

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